What irks me…

Do you know what irks me? Natural deodorant.

I’m a sucker for green washing. Anything that mentions the words: E C O, cruelty free or organic finds itself in my basket and on the checkout conveyor. And for good reason too! I’m a firm believer that if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your body.

So, aluminium, in deodorant – now that was not something I was willing to lick.

When the time came to restock my underarm protection, I got wooed by the GOOD products. It had all the trigger words to make me feel like the honourable consumer I strive to be.

In it went. GOOD Shampoo, GOOD conditioner, GOOD hand soap and... GOOD deodorant. Most of the products fulfilled its purpose but the deodorant... NOT GOOD.

Its longevity was futile – simple tasks like typing on the computer cause the natural barrier to crumble under the sweat. People started to smell me. I smelt me.

For months, I issued public disclaimers. This honesty unleashed a stream of confessions from others who had a pongy experience with natural deodorants.

I knew I smelt bad, yet, my morals refused me to purchase a new deodorant.

‘THAT’ll BE WASTE!’ my morals screamed.

It irks me that GOOD brought this product to the market. Did this company get carried away with pumping out new products that they settled for something that was... good enough?

Although, one person wisely disputed that it's all down to the individual. Different underarm coats work for different hippie folks, allegedly.

In the end, I went to the extreme and attempted to make my own deodorant. Which works okay, but not all day.

Words Lauren Prebble


© 2019