You might know him from a KFC advert…

Fresh from the NZ International Comedy Festival, comedian Jack Ansett is touring the county and is heading to the region this month (18th March, Yonder, 14 Church Street Queenstown).

Aside from his KFC advert fame, Jack was a RAW Comedy Quest Finalist in 2015 – before he’d even left high school. He’s now 21 and is desperately hoping Woman’s Day Magazine will respond to his emails and give him the shirtless double-page spread he desires.

Source gave him a call to see how his career was going…

You’re touring ‘Jack Ansett: In His Prime’ this month, what’s the show all about?

Well... it’s just a stand-up show with jokes. I feel like you always have to try to shovel it into a theme and I guess the general theme is me accepting myself as being average-looking and wanting to showcase that by trying to get into Woman’s Day with a shirtless double page spread. The stories I tell follow in that direction but it’s generally just a show with funny jokes.

Why comedy?

I love being an attention whore. I always wanted to be on Shortland Street and in high school we had a talent show and they got me to host it as I was the funny guy. So, I got into enjoying big audiences laughing at me.

Have you ever had a real job?

I started when I was 15, still in high school; I entered a competition and didn’t win but a year later I did win it and that set me off in Auckland. I dropped out of school to move to Auckland to do comedy... it’s good I had a supportive mother!

I’ve had a real job on TV, doing audience warm-up for Family Feud and currently the Project. I’ve been a teacher as well... I talk about that a lot in the show, being a high school drama teacher which is kind of funny as I look like a 12-year-old girl.

Would you recommend dropping out of school to other aspiring young comedians?

I’m going to say NO. It could go either way... I’ve been very lucky. I don’t have any qualifications. Maybe finish school and then do it. Actually, you know what? Follow your dreams! Leave school!

Words Bethany G. Rogers


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